Here It Is … Word Press TV

Hey, I know I been surviving flood and snow damage, consuming all my time.  It had been a while since last posting.   But I am grateful to have helped lots of people and others helped during this disaster.  

The title today - Word Press TV is reality.  I was serching Word Press websites when I found it. Immediately I had to check it out.  It had already launched that same day. for All Things WordPress

WordPress.TV is another “just what the doctor ordered”  deals.  For me being a noobie to blogging.  I found the short learning videos from WordPress TV as great memory enhancers.  I estimate 10 times more meaningful.   Because Mu orientation is mostly visual and lesser is audio and kinesthrtic. (feeling).

I think this was a great equalizer for those of us that have struggled to grasp the connections.  I honestly dont like to hear or read someone saying, “It’s so easy my child could do it …. or anyone can do this in 10 minutes.” 

For me after 3 years Internet Marketing and honestly putting forth about 35 hours a week estimated.  It is not that easy and it is not a fact anyone can do it.  That is hype and most marketers use those lines in thier sales page.  Why? It sells.

I hope most can enjoy the fact that Blogging TV is here to stay.   Here is another WordPress.TV Video


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