3 Feet of Snow Now Major Flooding

“I write today about the past 5 weeks of beautiful white snow  and making the environment look so serene and peaceful. Yet despite the dynamic beauty and the 3 feet that accumulated at least in my area turns out to be a disaster.  The worst I ever seen here in my life time.

The Pacific Northwest is known for 4 average normal seasons, hardly any extremes in temperature or devastation caused by wind, water or fire.  The deep white snow even gave us a “White Christmas”.

Sooner or later or should I say later than sooner the snow melted slowly than it snowed and melted a few more times before the monsoon rains came and a rise in temperature.  Perfect formula for massive water running down the mountains.  The creeks overflowed and rivers spilling over the flood lines into neighborhoods, natural surroundings, business.  Wiping out homes, cars, property.  Mudslides and avalanches also wreaked their destruction sloshing down massive mud and trees crashing into homes and destroying roads.  Daring rescues were made and people were stranded.  I saw one person standing only on a tree stump with nothing but  flowing water passing by.  A helicopter later saved him. 

So My home was spared somewhat without to much harm.  My garage and some items inside got water damage.  My land looks like it’s ready to slide away.  Definitely it feels like quicksand when I walk over it from a water table thats full to the brim.  I ‘ve dug trenches and helped the community fill sandbags. Checking on family and friends I spent many hours shoveling and sweeping snow, ice, water and mud away … And it’s raining again now even though the water level’s have dropped … were not out of the woods yet.

I know some of you where ever you may live have had your share of natural disasters in hurricanes, floods, fires, volcanoes, typhoons, landslides, tsunamis.

I am grateful to all that help and spared thier personal resources in times of need.  I hope for the best, because I know there is sunshine behind all those gray clouds in the sky

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  1. Jonalyn Mandaguit on May 10th, 2009 at 10:58 pm

    I am a Filipina woman leaving in our beautiful island Philippines which is known for only two seasons,the Sunny season and the rainy season.
    Philippines don’t have a winter season that’s why when I see a snow… I feel so wonderful.Yes,I really love to see a snow because it feel so cool and the environment look so clean,
    white,peaceful and beautiful..Yes,really look so beautiful in my eyes.
    While reading this article of your experience,I feel so sad when this 3 Feet of Snow became a Major Flooding and turned out to be a great disaster.Oh my God…I can’t imagine how horrible and scare feelings during the flood that destroying and wiping out cars,properties,houses,business,roads,trees and natural resources.
    Let me tell a short story of my experienced of a great disaster way back year 1985.The Super Typhoon Nitang hit the area where I am living and destroyed thousand of houses,cars,roads, tress, business, properties,farms,fisheries and natural resources.I feel so sad if I remember the worst caused by the typhoon Nitang that destroyed our house and splashed away our ducks and chicken poultry house.The creek of the river was destroyed and the water overflowed,spilling out in the whole area and still I feel scare if I remember what was happened to me when the strong splash of water hit me that made me sink in the water..I don’t know how to swim then my father swim unto me..swim so fast to save me.I was very thankful to God He save me through my father.I mentioned this to you because like your experienced it was also happened to me.
    You are so blessed because God saved you and the people in your area.And through you helping people for all they need in time of this calamity,God will give His reward for all your good deeds.As this saying goes…”If you scatter seeds of kindness everywhere you go,you gather buds of love and watch them grow…You can find happiness more than you will ever know.”
    God Bless You

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