Site Maps Save the Day

I discovered Site Maps one day surfing the world wide web.  After using the Internet since its inception I thought I was pretty good at navigating websites and getting the information I wanted rather easily.  But I have noticed more so than not that lots of Websites are including and using a link usually posted on the first page, every page or back page of their websites.  Its there as a quick and easy link reference to what your looking for.

I will use eBay’s Site Map as an example here .   You may have noticed how huge eBay is from the standpoint of traffic and auction related information that is contained, viewed and used massively within eBay’s Webpages .  After a while I start to get lost somewhat going from link to link and then usually I end up somewhere  within eBay’s website pages that is interesting and new….. But usually I have forgotten what I originally was looking for by then.  Even though the information I found was worth while.

Well if time management is on your agenda like mine is now,  then try clicking the link called “Site Map” which is located on most “My eBay” pages.  Its in the upper right hand corner… at least its there on my opening “My eBay” page.  Site Map takes you to an eBay page that is filled with links - categorized and in alphabetical order.   Every place you ever wanted to go and places and information that definitely will surprise you what is available to you as a visitor, buyer or seller.  Also you can find the Site Map link in the footer section on each web page.  

Examples there are categories in Selling and Buying.  With subcategories added to those.  Policies and procedures, Educational, eBay and Pro Web Stores, Resources, Help Section, Searching category, Accounts, Community, Groups, Forums, Blogs, Whats Hot section,  Tools and News and about 150 estimated links.

The cool part is it’s all in one place. So if your looking for a particular and specific topic you will be in luck because it’s most likely right there on the Site Map ready for you to explore and utilize.  

If your a new person to eBay this is a valuable area to explore the rules and regulations in using eBay.  Veterans will find the Site Map as a necessary tool in their daily business at eBay.  And if your just plain browsing the Site Map will make your journey quite interesting and fun.

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    Keep it up-:)

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