The First Day …

Today is the first day after Christmas. Also it’s the first day of posting in my new blog. And as a matter of fact it’s the first day that 30 inches of record snow outside my house is beginning to melt.

All things said about Christmas, Blogging, and the Snowy weather have been displayed, written and spoken about in some sort of fashion. Through the media whether it’s TV, on the Internet, or print media.

This is also the first day that I felt more relaxed. Those other 3 first day events were so long and required a bunch of my time. Especially the beautiful white winter wonderland blanket of snow thats been here for 2 weeks. I like to say that I stayed indoors where it’s warm. Also most might think that would give a person more time for indoor projects or for me working my Internet business. Actually it took away the time because I has to remove snow constantly off several areas on my property and house. I did notice today the weight of the snow had ripped a nice 3 foot section in my carport roof. Mending that today took some real energy because it was wet and it was cold and it froze my fingers off. Well not really but the pain was excruciating.

I look outside my window with a dynamic view of mountains and trees still covered with massive snow. It really is beautiful and a record snowfall. I listened to my scanner with all the wreckage and cars and buildings and houses sustaining weather related damage … Somehow I managed to get around in my 4 wheel drive truck, a few visits here and there and a Christmas with the family. I can say my only needed trips driving in this snow were without incident of any damage to me or others or my vehicle…

I can remember my first and hopefully last time time sliding off a icy road about 15 years ago. For no reason at all I was carefully driving on a straight stretch of road when my company vehicle began doing fishtails in middle of the road. I slid off the icy pavement, overturned the vehicle in a small ditch, totaled the vehicle and ended up with only a few bruises. That first time began a long series of respect for mother nature and driving or even being a passenger while someone else drives

… So I guess I had quite a few “First’s” today.

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