Guitar Art Brought To You By Dizizbizniz

I plan to open a new website and the main theme will be, “Guitar Artifacts New Hand Made Wooden Guitar Crafts for Anybody.”

Guitar artifacts or Guitar Art, in other words, “unique original hand made wooden guitar crafts.” The 6 string guitar in general is the core figure used in my developing and creating 100’s of craft designs and projects all related to the guitar.

I am The Designer - Owner - 45 year veteran guitar player - Lead and rhythm specialties both live and recording artist. I will share some of my trade secrets here in this blog post. The initial - creative ideas came about over 20 years ago during a trip to the Pacific Ocean and observing drift wood pieces at the surf’s edge in various shapes and sizes.

I recall having the visual design of an acoustic 6-string guitar used as a planter for house plants. Picture in your mind a guitar and just below the sound hole on the guitar face, I developed and constructed a removable yet very sturdy half moon shaped shelf. So if the viewer were to observe this guitar planter directly in front of them, they would see a guitar hanging normally on a secure wall hanger with a shelf on the guitar face with a very cool leafy plant climbing and twisting around the neck of the guitar.

Approximately summer of 2007, I had a flood of guitar design ideas circulating in my brain. I resorted to using a software program that an online marketer friend referred to me, called “Freemind”…. The Layout allowed me methods of keeping my creative ideas fresh and placed on the page where I can add more ideals, details, structure, a plan, even types of wood, tools, finishes, a market of buyers, advertising and of course mainly the creative plans and projects made with the 6 string guitar as a prototype.

Earlier I mentioned a flood of ideas. Actually there are 100’s of ideas and plans in place, but not all these projects have been manufactured as of yet. Between me, my circle of friends and business acquaintances think these items are surely to become collectors items. In fact I want to include a certificate of authenticity with every finished project and a serial number.

Let me give you a few examples: “Guitar Clocks” for desks, walls, car, work site, music rooms and even attached to the musicians guitar case. The miniature guitar crafts are skillfully crafted from a variety of hard and soft woods, even flooring and pieces of plywood or hardboard. Different colors, styles, shapes constructed from Cedar, Mahogany, Poplar, Pine, Oak, Curly Maple, Ash, Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Birch, Cherry and Walnut.

Amazingly I can offer these projects in about any size you can think of. Yes, I do recall those special moments dreaming up 100’s of related guitar artifacts and yes I saved them on computer and on paper… ‘including the design for a Guitar Car” and Solid wood Guitar lapel Pins, the smallest being about 3/4 inch long.

Other designs include early production of guitar lamps, guitar puzzles, guitar planters, guitar trivia, guitar picture frames, mirrors, pins, and mobiles, stands, and musical notes. For example he not only makes guitar artwork but also, fiddles, banjo’s, mandolins, bass, 12 string, piano, dulcimer, rock (this one is really cool) engraved and custom designed cuttings.

You will have to see this next one . I finished a beautiful sounding guitar door bell…. this beautiful looking guitar is hollow, about 24 ” long and 1 1/2″ wide. It’s attached to any normal door. The guitar sounds are activated thus by opening or closing the door where it securely hangs. Attached Wooden balls on strings then swing out and drop - plucking down on the strings thus producing a welcome array of guitar musical notes. This is totally awesome.

I thing this great sounding guitar art piece will be talked about for a long time not only for design but as a well constructed guitar artifact,.. You can even tune this to play your favorite jingle.

I have a custom hand made remarkable guitar piece where I scroll sawed beautiful designs all over the body and neck of the solid wood guitar. Let me remind you that usually guitars get better with time not only better sounding and playing but also the value increases.

One should care enough not to damage or leave the guitar crafts in extreme temperature changes…. I can relate to my personal collection of full sized guitars which over my 45 year career have been proud to play and take special pride in ownership. Two of my Vintage 1960 and 1970 Gibson guitars are worth well over 10,000 dollars. Taking good quality care has been a wise choice.

I can tell you that each guitar artifact receives special consideration… Meaning, I get so creative that I actually take the time to imitate playing these instruments, as though I am a kid imagining being a race car driver or role playing kids games….. although that’s not the intended outcome, its just the unknown behind the scenes care and quality time I invest in each piece….

I do confide my project ideas with potential buyers that request to purchase mass quantities. Because at this point in time I am the only one that touches begins and finishes these beautiful Guitar artifacts. You should seriously think about picking up a few of these early original pieces.

I plan to market my Guitar Artifacts online with eBay, Amazon, other auction or craft sites and personal websites and blogs. For your information I can tell you I plan on a huge surprise to be unraveled soon and maybe in public in your area…. Yes, You will definitely want what I have to offer you here….

These guitar artifacts are great gifts for musicians of all ages, music teachers, students, business places, galleries, indoors or outdoors, in different cultures and worldwide.

Can you imagine someday finding out that your “Guitar Clock” on your desk or that “Guitar lapel Pin” you wear is worth a small fortune ?….

Or Maybe you would like to be affiliated with me and these Guitar artifacts. I do welcome all your comments and ideas.

In closing, i like to remind you of a past musical memory. In a future produced newsletter or book of Guitar Trivia I will quote this question, “Do you know the name of the most requested song of all time on the radio? OK, then, “What was the bands name?” “The guitar player’s name?” Then, hint - hint, Oh yes, this is a guitar song well known and loved obviously by millions of listeners , not just musicians.

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  1. Kent Mandaguit on May 6th, 2009 at 12:05 am

    I certainly enjoyed reading about your “Guitar Artifacts New Hand Made Wooden Guitar Crafts” for anybody…they are all unique and very usefull in many ways like a souvenir or give aways in any occasions especially in debut birthday and wedding,anniversaries, baptism,ect.I love it…
    Your Guitar Articrafts creation are also usefull in the house, schools,office,stores and it is very good for business.
    And I think the most popular requested song in the radio in the late 60’s to 70’s is the song of Beatles intitled “A Hard Days Night” and even now the song of “Beatles” are still very popular.

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