New Stores on Auctiva… eBay Says OK

I subscribe to Auctiva, a third partysite that is well known for helping eBay Sellers with free listing templates and more. They are announcing Auctiva commerce their own online stores for free until March 2009. They say their features and prices are the best plus putting it all together is easy and manageable. Apparently you can lock a $9.95 a month price if done prior to the March deadline.
Details can be found here

Starting in January 2009, you will be able to open your own off-eBay store using Auctiva Commerce or check this out:

I haven’t started an eBay store like I wanted to by now but I still probably will. It will be an ebook, media, and physical items store. Most gurus say I should sell only one niche item per store. Not all guru information works for everyone and if i keep listening to these rich gurus, (names withheld for now) I might not make any money. We’ll leave this topic for further discussion.

Here is link to a one page eBay site that has really cool stuff.

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