The World Revolves Around … Who?

The World Revolves Around … Who? Part of me is asking and answering that question. The World Revolves Around Us, not me and not you... But if it’s OK I would like to share with you a little more abut me in this post.

I can truly say that What ever I usually set my mind to do I do it… Even when most would falter or quit I have a motto which I tell my self, “I will never Quit” Even during stressful times and when others have blatantly stolen and scammed me during this past year.

That also has effected my learning ability and my memory is not up to par. My mental health background in diagnosis mental health patients reveals a case of Post traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD. Which is a combination of several extreme symptoms of anxiety rooted deep in my soul where fear causes panic symptoms, overwhelming thoughts and feelings, poor decision making and problem solving, depression, isolation and more. Its similar to a combat victim or a person that has been raped or abused severely.

I will overcome this and bring those 2 people to justice that stole $50,000 dollars from me, my life;s savings. Enough of that for now, thanks for listening.

I enjoy having a balanced lifestyle. I have a Masters Degree in Behavioral Sciences, Liberal Arts, and Music. I love the discovery that happens all around us. I like to share my wisdom, and hope that others may benefit… I consider myself a positive minded guy that rarely goes into debates or arguments, Instead I live in the solution and be happy….

I am a middle of the road dude that can do and think and even cry. By the way real men do cry. I can be anything I want and I can do anything I want and somehow manage to give that away by saying You can to…

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  1. I am pleased with your blog, I think we have a lot in common. I’ll go to you on more often.

  2. I am pleased with your blog, I think we have a lot in common. I’ll go to you on more often.

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